Scicli is another Word Heritage Site in Sicily. It is more than an elegant small town, it is like a pearl nestling among three valleys and steep rocky hills. It goes without saying, here the scenario is unique.

Its origins are very old, probably dating back to more than three thousand years ago, in fact signs of rocky settlements can be found in many caves and grottos. In addition to the prehistoric settlement of Grotto Maggiore, the late byzantine settlements of Castellaccio and Chiafura are noteworthy too.

Above all Scicli is famous for its baroque style:Palazzo Beneventano is stunningly beautiful,as well as Palazzo Fava and Palazzo Spadaro, and all churches are enchanting too, such as San Bartolomeo, San Giovanni,Santa Maria la Nova, the little rocky churches

A walk through these wonders and many museums, exhibitions and art galleries, makes it clear that Scicli is also a place for contemporary art and painting.