Agrigento was founded around 580 BC. Over the centuries, it has suffered many dominations that left traces all over the island. Its historic center is located in the west summit of the hill, where the ancient Girgenti rose. Nowadays many medieval buildings remain, such as churches, monasteries, convents and noble palaces. It is worth to mention the Cathedral of San Gerlando from XI century and the Sanctuary of San Calogero

What makes Agrigento famous all over the world is the Valley of the Temples, Hellenic age wonder and the most important archeological site in Sicily. It comprises the remains of ten Doric temples, three Sanctuaries, a huge group of necropolis, several water works, such as the Kolymbetra Garden,Hypogea, fortifications, part of a Roman Hellenistic neighborhood built in Greek plan and two important meeting areas, the lower agorà and the upper agorà; it contains also an Olympeion (Temple of Olympian Zeus) and a Bouleuterion (council house) from the Roman age, in Greek plan. The Archeological site of Agrigento is the largest in the world, spreading over1.300 hectares.