The Structure

Its impressive front view adorned with merlons and a triumphal arch opening into a courtyard, once used for horse-drawn carriages, invite guests to cross the threshold of the Castle and experience a trip into the past embellished by its unique charm.

The Castle is square-shaped and features a majestic facade including the "piano nobile" and a magnificent, green, inner courtyard with flagstone pathways. Its center point is shadowed by an old carob tree, heart and symbol of the Castle.

Outside, gardens and pool are surrounded by an elegantly quiet and simple country scenery, where the scent of the land, the colors of nature, the fresh, smooth grass, create an intimate, regenerating paradise.

The charming hall features medieval architecture and classic furniture. Here, in the colder days the big, old fireplace is like a magnet and invites guests to linger for a while.