In the last few years Ragusa has become more and more popular among tourists, all over the world.

The city wasdivided in two urban areas after the catastrophic earthquake in 1693. Ibla, the old town was built in the same place as the former one, while the first group of buildings of “Ragusa Superiore” (upper Ragusa) rose on the hill.

Ibla looks like a beautiful, large crib when you approach it from the street above, especially in the night, while when you walk along the streets downtown it looks like an elegant party, because of all nice clubs and cultural events. Among the places to visit we mention “Duomo di San Giorgio”, “Portale di San Giorgio” a magnificent arch from fifteenth century and “Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’Itria”.

Downtown in “Ragusa Superiore” is interesting too, full with things to see and do, it spreads around the “Cattedrale di San Giovanni” from eighteenth century.