Noto is considered the capital of Baroque, its stunning, harmonious beauty makes it look like a theatre scene.

It was built again after the earthquake of 1693, 10 km far from the former one. Its three main streets run east to west so that the sun can always shine on them. Each street is thought for different social class use, the highest for the nobles, clergy in the middle, the people in the lowest.

Buildings are majestic and built with local calcareous stone, tender and compact, whose whiteness has been darkened by the passage of timethus creating the present, impressive golden and pink shades, daily enhanced by the sundown light. Entering through “Porta Reale” you can admire masterpieces of art such as the Cathedral,“Chiesa di San Carlo”, “San Domenico” and only to cite a few, Palazzo Ducezio, Palazzo Nicolaci and “Tina Di Lorenzo” Theatre , and every corner of this small city is interesting. The Flower festival held on every third Sunday of May is very beautiful.